In Conversation with Gloria Montero

Sessions titled "Writers in Conversation" belong to a long established format both in journalism, broadcasting and academia. The time allowed for the conversation allows both the writer in question and the interviewer to range over a wide selection of topics thus creating a good profile of both personalities.

In this session Isabel Alonso will be talking to writer Gloria Montero. Gloria Montero has a long trajectory as a writer of fiction, drama and poetry along with essays. Her most famous work is, of course, the play Frida K. Isabel Alonso has long been active in creative writing studies and is also a writer herself. Both have known each other for a long time and so we will be able to sit in on a wide ranging and fascinating conversation between the two. Prepare your arm-chairs!

Isabel Alonso-Breto, University of Barcelona, Spain
Gloria Montero, Novelist, Playwright & Poet, Spain

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