Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio


Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio is a researcher, writer, editor and curator working across different disciplines, territories and cultures. He holds an International PhD in “Art History, Theory and Criticism” from the University of Barcelona. He is currently teaching in different Universities and academic programmes: he is coordinator of the Postgraduate course on International Cultural Cooperation at the University of Barcelona and faculty member and core advisor at Transart Institute (NY-Berlin-Liverpool).

His current lines of investigation involve the subjects of intercultural processes, participation, collaboration, travelling, globalization and mobility in contemporary arts and cultural policies, art in public space and the cultural cooperation between different world regions. As an art critic, editor and independent curator he collaborates with international organisations and institutions and writes extensively for several international magazines. He co-authored publications such as “Art in Context. Learning from the field”, “Art and Mobility, “Walking Art / Walking Aesthetics”, among others, and curated projects and exhibitions like “Utopian Tomorrow”, “The Artist and the Stone”, “Minus Ego”, “Cyclic Journey” and several solo shows with international artists. He collaborated as Editorial contributor at Culture360 – Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF); was Managing Editor at ELSE – Transart Institute, and is co-founder of the Platform for Contemporary Art and Thought, InterArtive.

Panel Presentation (2020): Embracing Difference: The Work of Art

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