Socialising Education: The Role of Social Media Integration in the Digital Learning Space (74152)

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The digital transformation in education has led to a substantial change in the way students access and interact with educational content. This study aims at exploring the evolving digital education landscape, focusing on how students are increasingly using social media for educational purposes. It seeks to understand the motivations behind this shift, investigate how it affects student learning and highlight the implications for higher education institutions. Traditional platforms, such as learning management systems, have long been the primary channels for delivering educational content in higher education. However, with the increasing popularity of social media, students see themselves offered alternative avenues to access learning materials, engage in collaborative discussions and participate in informal learning communities. This study explores the distinctive features that draw learners to these spaces by understanding factors influencing students' preference for social media platforms. It looks at the educational benefits of social media, such as improved accessibility, user-generated content, interactive forums, and personalized learning experiences. It also looks at the challenges and possible risks of learning on social media, such as information overload, credibility issues, and distractions. Higher education institutions need to understand the impact of students’ shift towards social media platforms for learning. By recognising the preferences and behaviours of digital native students, educators can adapt their pedagogical approaches and leverage social media platforms as a complement to formal education.

Havisha Vaghjee, University of Technology, Mauritius

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Dr Havisha Vaghjee is a University Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer at University of Technology Mauritius in Mauritius

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