Transcending Boundaries: The Identity Transformation from Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage to School Educators (73454)

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Frameworks of postmodernism have challenged the dominancy of Western-centric perspectives on music, allowing Indigenous art production from the Third World to begin receiving closer attention. Postmodernism interrogates the notion of art as a separate and independent object, prompting art scholars and anthropologists to understand and analyze art within real-life contexts. In this fluid space, it is the Indigenous art world that transcends boundaries. This includes the integration of folk artists into school classrooms, the innovative exhibition of Indigenous artworks in museums, and the incorporation and adaptation of Indigenous music, dance, and rituals into contemporary stage performances. The crossing of contexts injects new meanings into Indigenous art itself while presenting new challenges to its contemporary transmission and development. This study adopts an interdisciplinary perspective, combining anthropology, ethnomusicology, and education to analyze the multiple contextual crossovers of Indigenous art and provide suggestions and reflections for its transmission. The research will involve ten participants from China who have transformed from artists to educators. The study will consist of two phases: life-story-centric individual interviews, to explore the participants' experiences and challenges, and a documentary analysis to examine obstacles and memorable experiences encountered during their careers. The narratives collected from the interviews will be interpreted and analyzed using narrative and critical discourse analysis.The main object of this research is addressing the teaching challenges faced by Indigenous artists turned school educators.

Li Ping Zi, Hunan Normal University, China
Yawei Peng, Hunan Normal University, China

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Ms. Peng is a postgraduate student at Hunan Normal University in China and a visiting scholar at Orlean University in France. She mainly focuses on Music education and Chinese education evaluation.

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