Chat GPT Challenges in Higher Education Assessment Methodologies (72839)

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We are currently experiencing a challenging technological revolution, in which universities, traditionally seen as the centre of innovation, find it difficult to keep up. Chat GPT (Generative Pre Trained Transformer) is based on a language model based on deep learning, one of the branches of artificial intelligence (AI). This platform uses an algorithm based on neural networks, which allows teaching computers to process data “analogously” to the human brain, enabling conversation with the user based on the processing of a large volume of data. In this context, there are several challenges that (Chat GPT) poses to higher education. We will certainly have to reinvent ourselves in teaching and assessment methodologies. We intend to carry out a reflection on the use of this technology in Higher Education of Law, seeking to understand the performance of this tool in “teaching to learn” and in the assessment of the skills that are intended to be acquired. We will make an incursion into the main uses of Chat GPT in Higher Education, namely as a “learning assistant”, allowing understanding concepts and answering specific questions, contributing to consolidate knowledge; as a “writing tool”, improving writing skills; as an “information source” enhancing research and, consequently, the expansion of knowledge on a given subject; and as a “translation tool”. This is only the beginning of what will be the major evolution in Law and Legal Science and we expect to visit such issues in a forthcoming visionary paper.

Maria Mimoso, University Portucalense, Portugal
José Gomes, University Portucalense, Portugal
Rosário Anjos, University Lusófona, Portugal

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