Four New Speakers Added to the BCE/BAMC2022 Programme

Four new speakers have been added to the BCE/BAMC2022 programme:

  • Mattia Mantellato, University of Udine, Italy
  • John McLeod, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Silvia Cuevas-Morales, Writer, Australia
  • Adrien K. Wing, University of Iowa College of Law, United States
  • These speakers come from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds and will be participating in panels and delivering presentations on a variety of topics at the intersection of education, arts, media and culture. More information regarding the content of their presentations will be announced at a later date. To find out more, follow the IAFOR social media pages (Facebook / Twitter).

    The BCE/BAMC2022 Organising Committee is currently calling for papers to be presented at the conference – the early bird abstract submission deadline is next Tuesday, May 3, 2022. Submit early to take advantage of the discounted registration rates. The final submission deadline is July 05, 2022.

    To participate in BCE/BAMC2022 as an audience member, please register for the conference.

    Speaker Biographies

    Mattia Mantellato
    University of Udine, Italy

    Mattia MantellatoMattia Mantellato holds a cum laude PhD (Doctor Europaeus) in English language and literatures from the University of Udine, Italy, Department of Languages and Literatures, Communication, Education and Society, and he is now a Post-Doctoral Fellow working on the project “English Caribbean Literatures of the Ocean: Eco-Feminist and Transdisciplinary Perspectives for a New Blue Aesthetic”. He researches and publishes on: Derek Walcott’s work, World Literatures, English Literature, Performance and Dance Studies and Multimodal Studies. He is also a professional ballet dancer, choreographer and artist. He graduated from La Scala Ballet Academy in Milan. For seven seasons, he was part of the ensemble of the National Ballet Theatre of Prague (Czech Republic). He has performed in more than 10 countries in Europe, in China (EXPO 2010), at the Biennale of Venice and at Mittelfest.

    John McLeod
    University of Leeds, United Kingdom

    John McLeodJohn McLeod is Professor of Postcolonial and Diaspora Literatures at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. He is the author of Life Lines: Writing Transcultural Adoption (Bloomsbury, 2015), Postcolonial London: Rewriting the Metropolis (Routledge, 2004), and Beginning Postcolonialism (Manchester University Press, 2000/2010). His new book, Global Trespassers, is forthcoming with Liverpool University Press.

    Silvia Cuevas-Morales
    Writer, Australia

    Silvia Cuevas-MoralesSilvia Cuevas-Morales is a bilingual Australian writer of Chilean descent whose work includes fiction, non-fiction and poetry. After the 1973 military Coup d’état in Chile, her family was forced to flee the country and settled in Australia, where she completed her secondary and university studies, while teaching Latin American literature and Spanish language at La Trobe and Monash Universities. In 1999, she moved to Spain, where she has worked in the publishing world as an editor and literary translator, as well as collaborating with different newspapers and magazines as a freelance journalist.

    Some of her published work includes: Purple Temptations (1994); Respiro de arena (1996); Sur/South Poem(a)s (1998); Al filo de la memoria/At memory's edge (2001); Canto a Némesis (2003); De la "A" a la "Z": Diccionario universal de autoras que escriben en castellano (2003); Vínculos Teatrales (2003); Rodaré maldiciendo (2008); Poliamora (2010); Diccionario de centenarias ilustres: 100 mujeres que cambiaron la historia (2011); Desarrelament y altres poemes / Desarraigo y otros poemas (2012); Nanas lésbicas: para conciliar el sueño (2013) Pienso, luego estorbo... / Je pense, donc je gȇne... (2014); El tren del miedo y otros relatos (2015) and Apátrida: Diario de un destierro/ Stateless: Diary of an Exile (2017).

    Adrien K. Wing
    University of Iowa College of Law, United States

    Adrien K. WingDean Adrien K. Wing is the Bessie Dutton Murray Distinguished Professor at the University of Iowa College of Law, United States, where she has taught for 34 years. She is the Associate Dean for International and Comparative Law Programs, and the Director of the University of Iowa Center for Human Rights. Author of over 150 publications, she teaches Critical Race Theory, Sex Discrimination Law, and Law in the Muslim World. She is editor of Critical Race Feminism (NYU Press, 2003) and Global Critical Race Feminism (NYU Press, 2000). Recipient of many honours, she currently serves on the American Journal of International Law Board of Editors. Wing holds her Bachelor’s degree from Princeton with high honours, MA degree from UCLA in African Studies, and her Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Stanford Law School.

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