BCE2020 Virtual Presentations

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) is a research organisation, conference organiser and publisher dedicated to encouraging interdisciplinary discussion, facilitating intercultural awareness and promoting international exchange, principally through educational exchange and academic research.

Virtual presentations afford authors the opportunity to present their research to IAFOR’s far-reaching and international online audience, without time restrictions, distractions or the need to travel. Presenters are invited to create a video of their presentation, which is then uploaded to the official IAFOR Vimeo channel and remains online indefinitely. This is a valuable and impactful way of presenting in its own right, but also an alternative means for those delegates who may be unable to travel to the conference due to financial or political restrictions. The same publishing opportunities apply to virtual presenters, with final papers being included in the BCE Conference Proceedings.

 This video archive is best viewed on a desktop computer with a strong Internet connection. 

“Disturbing, Deeply Touching, and Highly Motivating”: Reciprocal Empowerment Through Blended Service Learning
Birgit Phillips, University Graz and Burgenland University of Applied Sciences, Austria

Hybrid Learning Higher Education: The Co-creation of Value in the Student’s View
Waldiane Fialho, Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais, Brazil
Ramon Leite, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais, Brazil
Sandra Sofia Gaio, Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Portugal

Organizing a Group of Students in Order to Research the Rebound Effect in Industry 4.0
Giani Gradinaru, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania

An Evaluation Model for a Non-sexist Education: Beyond Performance Accountability
Nicole Vallejos, Duoc UC, Chile
Andrea Parra, Duoc UC, Chile

Role of a Subjective Difficulty Rating in Using a System for Practicing English Speaking
Harumi Kashiwagi, Kobe University, Japan
Min Kang, Kobe University, Japan
Kazuhiro Ohtsuki, Kobe University, Japan

A Simple Yet Effective Tool as a Medium to Empower Learner Autonomy
Ya-Chiu Hsieh, Defense Language Institute, United States
Lin Tsai, Defense Language Institute, United States

Contemporary Family Structures and Teacher-Parent Communication
Asnat Dor, Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel, Israel

Migrants in Chilean Higher Education
Roberto Flores, Duoc UC, Chile

Online Forums: How Can Educators Make Online Work Well? Communicating Through Graphic Design: Relevance, Focus, Reflection
Cavell Ord-Shrimpton, Arden University, United Kingdom

The Role of Policy-makers Towards Graduate Work Readiness: A Malaysian Perspective
Chitra Devi Ragunathan, Sunway University, Malaysia
Benedict Valentine Arulanandam, Sunway University, Malaysia

Transformational Journeys of Institutional Leaders of University Community Engagement
Katy Campbell, University of Alberta, Canada
David Peacock, University of Alberta, Canada

Effect of Mindfulness Intervention as a Stress Management Technique for Nursing Students
Yukako Ando, Nagoya City University, Japan
Ryoko Ohara, Aichi Prefectural University, Japan
Kanako Yamauchi, Hiroshima International University, Japan
Toshio Kobayashi, Ishii Memorial Hospital, Japan

Decision-making System for University Selection: A Priority Comparison of Pre- and Post-COVID-19
Krishnadas Nanath, Middlesex University Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ali Sajjad, University of Toronto, Canada
Supriya Kaitheri, Middlesex University Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A Case Study of Effective K-12 School Innovation Lab Design: Synthesizing Pedagogy, Space, Technology, and Ongoing Research
Russell Hazard, NIT Education/University of Calgary, Hong Kong

Acute Urological Emergencies in Leicester Medical School Undergraduate Curriculum
Anton Wong, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Alex Hammant, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Jane Goodfellow, University of Leicester, United Kingdom

Appreciative Inquiry: The Fundamental Questions of AI’s Validity and Appropriateness in Transforming English Education in Japan
Leveth Jackson, Keiai University, Japan

An Innovative Learner-centric Framework
Krishnendu Sarkar, NSHM Knowledge Campus, India

Death of the Enemy: The Spectacularity of War and a Zombie Enemy
Rimpa Mondal, Panjab University, India”

Professional Photographers of Instagram: The Meaning of Visual Communication Through Modern Photography in Digital Society
Sofia/Alexandra Paxoumaki, Ionian University, Greece
Nikos Antonopoulos, Ionian University, Greece

Cross-cultural Language in Clint Eastwood’s Western
Yujin Fukatsu, Gakushuin Women’s University, Japan