The Discourse Analysis of Students’ Perceptions of Setswana Teaching at a University (74397)

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Friday, 22 September 2023 15:20
Session: Session 3
Room: Sants
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The abstract provides a discourse analysis study that explores students’ perception of Setswana teaching at a university. Setswana is one of the Bantu languages spoken in some provinces of South Africa predominantly Botswana where it serves as the national language. The study aims to investigate how students perceive the teaching of Setswana in the university context shedding light on the attitude, beliefs, and expectations. The research employs qualitative methods, utilising semi structured interviews and focus groups discussions to collect data from Setswana language learners at a university. A purposive sampling technique is employed to ensure a diverse representation of students across different academic disciplines and language proficiency levels. The discussion analysis framework employed in this study examines the language used by students to describe their experiences in Setswana classes, focussing on the themes of language proficiency cultural relevance, pedagogical approaches, and personal motivation from learning Setswana. The results of the study have implications for curriculum development pedagogical practices and policy decisions related to Setswana teaching at university level. By understanding students’ perceptions educators and administrators can tailor their approaches to effectively address diverse needs and expectations of Setswana language learners. Additionally, this research contributes to the broader discourse on indigenous language revitalisation fostering a deeper understanding of the role of Setswana within the Higher Education landscape.

Richard Moloele, Sol Plaatje University, South Africa

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Dr Richard Moloele is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at Sol Plaatje University in South Africa

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