Participation in Early Childhood Education Towards Global Targets of Sustainable Development (74310)

Session Information: Educational Policy, Leadership, Management & Administration
Session Chair: Gabriella Pusztai

Saturday, 23 September 2023 11:25
Session: Session 2
Room: Room C (Live Stream)
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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ensure that all girls and boys have access to early childhood development, care, and quality pre-primary education by 2030, enabling them to be prepared for primary education. The Indonesian government has implemented policies to attain these targets in line with these objectives. However, the national Gross Enrollment Rate in early childhood education and School Readiness Rate have not met the expectation. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated early childhood student enrollment decline, posing additional challenges to pre-primary early childhood education participation. This study endeavors to analyze the factors influencing early childhood education participation and examine the efforts made to increase it. Adopting a mixed-method approach, the research was conducted in five districts/cities on the island of Java, which have regional policies on one-year pre-elementary early childhood education. The study involved early childhood education institutions and teachers and parents as respondents. The findings revealed several factors affecting the level of participation, including inadequate socialization of local regulations regarding one-year pre-primary early childhood education, children attending supplementary courses, more than fifty percent of parents with low income, suboptimal implementation of early childhood minimum educational standard assistance policy, and limited access to early childhood education in certain villages due to isolation and a lack of qualified teachers. Although early childhood education institutions have made serious efforts to encourage public enrollment, significant obstacles, and challenges remain that need to be addressed and resolved.

Nur Listiawati, The National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia
Etty Sofyatiningrum, The National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia
Simon Sili Sabon, The National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia
Siswantari Siswantari, The National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia
Yendri Wirda, The National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia

About the Presenter(s)
Nur Listiawati is a researcher affiliated with the National Research and Innovation Agency. Her research revolves around SDGs, community education, and others. Presently, she is engaged in entrepreneurship education in vocational high schools.

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