Digital Computer Technology on Traditional Architectural Decoration Design of GuangFu Windows (74160)

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Saturday, 23 September 2023 09:30
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Guangfu traditional architecture is one of the representatives of traditional architecture in Lingnan area of China, with a long history and unique architectural style on the buildings. The windows of traditional buildings in Guangfu make the interior space design of traditional buildings to appear rich in connotation and innovation in the regional culture of Guangfu. The architectural designers of Guangfu have always used the decoration of windows as the carrier of cultural symbols, euphemistically and implicitly conveying the beautiful meaning and enriching the culture of Guangfu. With the global development of digitalization and science, scholars and designers are constantly updating the cultural heritage research and practical application of traditional architecture in Guangfu. However, the cultural information and data demonstration about the window in the traditional architecture of Guangfu have not received special attention in the current design and research results, hence, part of the cultural heritage of Guangfu has gradually lost its inheritance. This paper attempts to analyze the cultural theory of traditional window of Guangfu and the current window design application cases, with the use of digital and scientific concepts, including computer visualization technology to establish a digital archive platform, to achieve the sustainable protection of the window cultural heritage of traditional buildings in Guangfu. This paper summarizes the methods of knowledge inheritance and knowledge sharing, inherits and develops Chinese traditional culture extensively, and provide new ideas for the protection and research of regional culture.

Li Zi, City University Malaysia & Guangzhou City Construction College, Malaysia
Husaini Yaacob, City University Malaysia, Malaysia

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Li Zi is a University Doctoral Student at City University Malaysia in Malaysia.

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