The Effect of the Use of the VR Device on the Study of the Solar System (72814)

Session Information: Design, Implementation & Assessment of Innovative Technologies in Education
Session Chair: Norma Flores González

Friday, 22 September 2023 14:05
Session: Session 3
Room: Gotic
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Virtual reality technology is used in various learning areas.
The study aims to investigate how the use of the VR device affects the study of the field of the solar system.
There is a perceptual difficulty in understanding, such as the 'solar system'; this difficulty is reflected in understanding spatial perception, estimation of size, proportion, movement, and changes over time.
This research was carried out in two phases. An experimental phase in which the students were asked, according to an 'instruction sheet,' to try out the device and explore freely the virtual space of the solar system. In the second stage, a 'clinical interview' was carried out in which the students were asked according to several pre-defined criteria and, in addition, open questions to understand and learn about the experience and the effect of the device on the quality of their learning.
The research findings indicate that there is a great impact on the student's motivation and that it greatly enhances the learning experience. Encourages active multi-sensory learning and creates a high curiosity to explore. However, it must be integrated at the same time as formal-theoretical learning. This means that it should be used in addition and not as a replacement tool; it should be anchored in pedagogy. One must think about integrating technology into the curriculum rather than intuitively. otherwise, in-depth learning will not be possible.
The recommendation is to continue to test the effect of the device in studying a small sub-topic.

Lior Solomovich, Sapir College, Israel
Shai Yaccovi, Kaye College, Israel

About the Presenter(s)
Dr LIor solomovich is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at Kaye college and Sapir college in Israel

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