Critical Control Points Course Detection Methodology at University Education (72408)

Session Information: Education & Difference: Gifted Education, Special Education, Learning Difficulties & Disability
Session Chair: Mariam Kuchava

Friday, 22 September 2023 11:50
Session: Session 2
Room: Sant Sebastia
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The research presents an innovative study based on adding value to the university educational process. Currently, there is no clear definition to detect in which stage of a career students lag behind after failing a specific subject or activity. An educational innovation proposal, based on the extrapolation of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System coming from the industrial setting to the university education context, is presented: the Critical Control Point Detection System with reference to the curriculum and students’ trajectories. The purpose of this work is to generalise a Critical Control Points Detection Methodology, at higher education, through the localization of courses that have greater incidence in the curriculum and identifying the negative result through student performance due to failure. For the curriculum analysis, indicators related to centrality measures were built with a directed network based on the curriculum subjects. Courses were classified as Critical-Control-Point candidates when the numerical values of measures exceed or equal to a minimum threshold value. For student performance, a measure of course failure was used. Those candidate courses exceeding a predefined failure threshold were classified as Critical Control Points. Critical-Control-Points courses implied at least a one semester of lagging for any student failing on it. The Critical Control Point Detection Methodology was validated for the Chemical Engineering's curriculum at the University of the Republic (Uruguay) using a (55 ± 5)% threshold of failure in more than two years during a five-year period. The Critical-Control-Point courses match previous perceptions from university lecturers.

Martín Pratto Burgos, University of the Republic, Uruguay

About the Presenter(s)
Professor Martín Pratto Burgos is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at University of the Republic in Uruguay

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